Magnetics & Aircraft

The term “Magnetics used in aircraft” was first introduced in the US Navy magazine, “Starship.” Here are some basic facts on “Magnetic Attraction”Magnetized Air.” First of all, what is a magnet? A magnet is actually a metal plate with a magnetized core. The reason a metal plate is used is because of the strong magnetic force… Continue reading Magnetics & Aircraft

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Did You Know That Astronauts Took Toys In Space on the Shuttle?

Did you know that NASA has an space museum? It’s full of memorabilia and magnet toys from all of the spacecrafts. A lot of these toys made it to the moon and returned. Some of these toys are on display at the National Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C. Did you know that numerousmagnet  toys became collectors items?… Continue reading Did You Know That Astronauts Took Toys In Space on the Shuttle?

Neodymium magnets and How They are made

are manufactured by the High Tech Nail Company in New Zealand. These magnets serve a dual purpose of drawing metals. They do this using an enormous amount of force that you won’t be able to feel them. They differ from normal neodymium magnets because instead of the strong attractive force they have a lot of… Continue reading Neodymium magnets and How They are made

Tiny Magnetic Ball Toys

Magnetic ball toys from Aliexpress can be employed for many various purposes. These toys are often created using two or more different materials that allow them to be used for various activities. There are a variety of magnetic material, which include permanent magnets as well as permanent and temporary magnets. Numerous toys are able to imitate… Continue reading Tiny Magnetic Ball Toys

DIY kinetic energy

Do you want to know how to create your own DIY kinetic energy generator? This article is going to explain to you how with this easy to understand guide. There are lots of resources for energy these days, but a number are as inexpensive as DIY magnet generators. I’ve seen this said about lots of… Continue reading DIY kinetic energy

Your Electric Jobs

The easiest DIY tasks to do during rare earth magnets seem to be those who involve minimum moves inside the house, yet create the best results. The most fulfilling DIY tasks to accomplish throughout lockdown are revealed in a new study conducted by way of a national security think tank, also, surprisingly, most citizens enjoy… Continue reading Your Electric Jobs